Commercial Lending X Announces 2019 Loan Policy

On 12/11/18 Commercial Lending X (“CLX”) released its comprehensive list of lending programs available to its clients for the first time.  Referring to it as their “Loan Policy”, this policy provides a detailed breakdown of the terms associated with a majority of the lending programs CLX works with.  Although not all inclusive, this policy provides background on programs not previously available in a comprehensive format.

“Our goal is always to make Commercial Lending a more open and seamless process for our customers and referral partners”, said Brad Hettich, President of CLX.  “Although we are always willing to get on a call to discuss solutions, we found many customers and referral sources had no clue regarding all of the various funding sources out there that they can take advantage of.  By providing the programs we offer in a detailed policy directly to our partners, we hope it will provide more transparency and better educate the market on everything we have to offer, and help more customers find the financing solutions they so desperately need.”

The CLX Loan Policy contains details on a wide variety of lending programs including traditional bank financing, hard money lending, the CMBS market, Fannie / Freddie for multi-family, SBA programs, factoring, and many more. CLX has indicated their goal is to continually update the policy as things change in the market and new funding sources become available.  We encourage you to download and review the policy located below to learn more about what CLX has to offer.