Providing Hope to Small Business Owners This Holiday Season

Listen to Audio Segment of Brad Hettich on Real Estate Revealed, December 13, 2020:

Brad Hettich on Real Estate Revealed, December 13, 2020


Most of our customers are small business owners or owners of investment properties, retail properties or restaurants.  They have been hit very hard by the pandemic. With the holiday season upon us, a lot of people are shopping online this year.  Our ask, support local businesses by shopping local this season.  Keep local people employed in your community, pay local sales tax, keep rental income flowing for local investment property owners.  If you are buying online, buy through a local vendor that sells through Amazon.  Also do what you can to support sit down restaurants, as they are most in danger of staying in business.  Consider placing take out orders with higher end sit down restaurants so they are here after the pandemic is over to still enjoy.