About Us

It’s time for change in commercial lending

Industries have evolved keeping up with technology revolution and social tendencies, while commercial lending has not. It is time to pull together all participants who share a unified belief. It is time for the reinvention of commercial lending to improve the prosperity of all stakeholders: borrowers, banks, realtors and many other valuable participants of this mega industry which continues to be a foundational element of the U.S. Economy.

Mission Statement

To provide a superior customer eXperience while helping our customers successfully navigate through the fractured lending landscape to achieve their personal and financial goals.

Commercial Lending X is your one-stop source for everything you need to know about commercial financing. Combined we have over fifty years of commercial lending, credit management, and underwriting experience. Our management team has closed hundreds of commercial loans over the past fifteen years.

In addition to being a resource, the team at Commercial Lending X specializes in helping business owners and real estate investors get the capital they need. We work with over two-hundred lending sources including many traditional banks, hard money lenders, private equity lenders, government lending programs, insurance companies, private investors and other specialty lending programs. If you need assistance getting your financing done, you have come to the right place.

We hope you will utilize the information on this website to help you find the financing you deserve. Or if you are looking for more hands on assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 888.975.0007 or info@commerciallendingx.com so we can help you get the assistance you need with your financing.

What Makes Us Different

There are many things that set us apart from other lending sources in the industry. They are as follows:

We won’t waste your time or tell you what you want to hear. You will always have an honest answer and know exactly what is going on with your loan request at all times. On the front-end we will tell you just how hard or easy we think financing for your request will be to get, and work to set the appropriate expectations on the front-end. And when we have news, whether good or bad, we will relay it immediately, and not ignore your phone calls and stop responding like many of our competitors out there will do when they have bad news.

We have very strong relationships with all of our lenders and they are lending money. We drive a ton of business to our lenders, and they know it. Because of that they are responsive to us and to you as our customer, and they won’t waste our time as they know we don’t want to waste your time. We also track the financial health of our lenders, and will find you a healthy lender that can be a long-term resource for you and your business.

No up-front fees. There are no application fees, processing fees, documentation fees, or anything else charged up front by Commercial Lending X. Now, once a commitment or an approval is issued by a lender, just about all lenders will require deposits for third party reports such as appraisals and environmental reports. Some lenders will require small commitment fees to proceed, although we are successful in negotiating commitment fees out most of the time. However, nothing will get paid to Commercial Lending X until your deal closes, not by you or the lender. So you know we are always working hard to get your deal closed.

Our extensive experience in all aspects of commercial lending and commercial credit. Our management team has underwritten, approved, and closed on just about every type of real estate transaction and business loan type out there. On a rare occasion a borrower surprises us with something new, but based on our strong experience and expansive backgrounds, we usually get our arms around it pretty quickly.

The number and types of different lending sources we have. We work with many traditional banks, but also have extensive relationships with private investors, private funds, equity managers, government programs, insurance companies, and many specialty-lending programs. There is very little we cannot get done with all of the different lending sources at our disposal.

Our Agreement. We do not force our clients to sign a fully exclusive agreement. If you are already working with your existing lender or another lender, we accept those as exclusions to our agreement. If you can get the deal closed with your lender, more power to you. We only ask you share with us the name of your excellent lender when you are done. However, we don’t take on requests unless we are confident we can get it done quicker and with better terms than your existing lender. So you are never wasting our time allowing us to work on a request for you, and we will never waste your time.