Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Commercial Lending X (“CLX”) is in the business of correspondent lending and consulting financial services, including sourcing lenders, brokers, clients, borrowers and equity partners, and provide consulting for funding loans, equity investment, financing, contracts, loan review consulting and representation (collectively, the “Services”).

CLX works with a wide variety of lenders, borrowers, and other business owners (collectively, the “Client”) who are seeking Services from CLX.

Whereas, the Client has proprietary business information, business and personal financial information, contracts, contacts, opportunities, project information, and relationships (collectively, the “Proprietary Information”), which CLX may find useful and valuable for consummating Services for the Client.

CLX acknowledges that, in the course of providing Services to a Client, CLX may obtain Proprietary Information.  CLX hereby warrants that it will maintain all Proprietary Information of each Client in total and absolute confidence and will not disclose that information to any third party, except as is required by law or as is otherwise necessary for CLX to provide the Services requested by the Client.  This obligation not to use or disclose such confidential information does not apply to information that is public knowledge in the market, provided that CLX did not cause that information to become public knowledge.  Any information shared by CLX with other institutions in order to provide Services to the Client will only be shared with companies that have a confidentiality / privacy policy at least as strict as that of CLX.

CLX also will not use the specific Client in any marketing materials or advertisements without the express written consent of the Client.

CLX will not disclose any Client Proprietary Information, including contact information, to any other marketing companies or service providers not related to the Services CLX is seeking to provide the Client, without the express written consent of the Client.  CLX does not sell contact lists, Client financial data, or other Client information to any third parties.

CLX always works to keep all Client Proprietary Information secure and strictly confidential.